Meet The Pottery Studio Team


Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, I was always fascinated by activities such as surfing and the power it had to change my whole outlook, to clear my mind. When I was first introduced to pottery I got a glimpse of this feeling all over again, I was hooked.

Pottery is so much more than molding clay. It is about disconnecting from your normal train of thought, getting lost in what you’re doing. This disconnection is the same feeling I get when surfing. Being in the flow state gives my mind a chance to relax and forget any issues that may distract me from bettering myself.

When the clay is on the wheel and my hands are on the clay it allows my negative thoughts to be released and creative energy to takeover, for me this something I’ll always chase.


As the ‘Grandfather’ of The Pottery Studio team, Rob brings over 35 years pottery and teaching experience to the studio.

Rob has worked in both production potteries and his own studio both in Australia and overseas and combined with his teaching experience in a variety of settings including schools, adult courses and in public gallery scenarios adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Pottery Studio.

Rob likes to create learning environments that create positive and enjoyable class experience for all students.