Meet The Pottery Studio Team


I first began my ceramics journey early 2018, rummaging through my grandma’s shed full of treasures where I found her old pottery wheel. I was very quickly captivated by the process of creating something out of, essentially, mud. Pottery became a slow and mindful creative outlet for me, with therapeutic benefits much like meditation. By drawing inspiration from the natural world, I have been able to weave my own essence into my art and thereby my art has taken me on a journey of self-discovery. The way myself and people who come through the studio become pacified by the clay still amazes me. One of my favourite things about working at the studio is seeing the impact it has on people. I absolutely love hearing from customers that they experienced so much stillness during their wheel class.


I first started pottery 2 years ago when a friend taught me to hand build and I instantly fell in love
with the process. A year later I ended up in the French countryside volunteering at a ceramics retreat where I learnt to throw on the wheel and drink wine at the same time, and the rest was history.

I have never really considered myself a “creative person” and I still don’t really. I love pottery because I enjoy making things with my hands and because I find it very meditative. As for the coming up with ideas part, well I’m not very good at that.  The studio is such a fun place to be regardless of whether you’re an employee or a customer. I love seeing how excited people are when they come to the studio for the first time, but my favourite thing is when customers come in with an idea of something I haven’t seen made before, that or when they come in with cake.


Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, I was always fascinated by activities such as surfing and the power it had to change my whole outlook, to clear my mind. When I was first introduced to pottery I got a glimpse of this feeling all over again, I was hooked.

Pottery is so much more than molding clay. It is about disconnecting from your normal train of thought, getting lost in what you’re doing. This disconnection is the same feeling I get when surfing. Being in the flow state gives my mind a chance to relax and forget any issues that may distract me from bettering myself.

When the clay is on the wheel and my hands are on the clay it allows my negative thoughts to be released and creative energy to takeover, for me this something I’ll always chase.


When I am making work, I feel connected, like I am dancing in flow with the clay.

Ceramics for me is a place where I can find stillness and joy all at the same time, it is where time stops, and I am neither here nor there I am just present in this moment with the clay and myself. I have found the only way to achieve anything with clay is to slow down and be connected.

After studying a diploma of Visual Arts at the Sunshine coast Tafe, I was introduced to ceramics and sculptures, sparking a passion for all things clay. I then became interested in transforming movement into shape, natural pigments and the form that hold its own. I now work with moving clay into tactile objects both grounded and open.


As the ‘Grandfather’ of The Pottery Studio team, Rob brings over 35 years pottery and teaching experience to the studio.

Rob has worked in both production potteries and his own studio both in Australia and overseas and combined with his teaching experience in a variety of settings including schools, adult courses and in public gallery scenarios adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Pottery Studio.

Rob likes to create learning environments that create positive and enjoyable class experience for all students.