Ready to get your work fired?

No need to book. Simply drop off your work on Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm.

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Our pricing is based on the prop height required for the pieces you are firing, size of and the amount of pieces/room you are taking up on the shelf. As an example reference, a full shelf is approximately $60 for items <20cm. We may be able to give you a rough estimate of cost on drop off, however this is subject to change and often unavailable. Final costing will be calculated upon actual firing, loading of kiln, with any damage from your pieces to the kiln added to the cost.

- All greenware must be bone dry when it is delivered
- All glazed work must have been bisque fired already
- All glazed work must be glaze free on the base and 5mm up from the base (on the side)
AND be cone 6 glaze only.
- Work delivered unboxed/without a box will not be accepted.

We will not fire any work that does not meet these requirements or any work with in-complete forms attached.

Your work and boxes must be clearly labelled with your name and all work must be collected within 14 days of us notifying you that the firing has been completed, or it will be disposed of (unless otherwise requested to keep aside).

All costs for firing and damage must be paid prior to or on pickup – we will not release work unless payment has been made.

We are not liable for any damage that occurs to your work. All pieces are treated with respect and care and assumed to be fragile, but damage can happen before, during, or after the firing process, as is the nature of pottery. The Pottery Studio is not and will not be liable for chipping, scraping or any minor or major damage to your pieces. The full cost of firing will still be charged to you if pieces are damaged, however if pieces are damaged prior to firing (aka in transport from you to the studio, or studio to kiln shed, we will not fire these pieces.

Firing Service 

This is a public only firing service.
We only fire BISQUE WARE (1020) and MIDFIRE (1220, cone 6). We do not accept Earthenware or Highfire Stoneware requests. You are liable to pay any damage to our kilns if you provide the incorrect information about your clay, glaze and pottery pieces.

Please drop off and pick up your work between 10-4 Saturday or Sunday.

You will be notified when your pottery is ready for collection via text message to the number provided. Please make sure you write your number down correctly.
Wait time is minimum 2 weeks but can extend to up to 6 weeks during busy periods. We do not do priority firing.