Glazing Session (Nambour)

From: $33.00

1 Hour 45 Min Session – Firing costs are included.

 This is an introduction into basic glazing techniques.
You will be able to glaze up to 5 small pieces in this class, 2 medium, or 1 large.
Your glazed items will be available for pick up 3 weeks after your glazing class, during our allocated weekend pick up times.

FOR ALL CLAY, WINE AND GLAZING or WHEEL THROWING AND GLAZING class attendees, please search ‘glazing coupon’ in your emails (under the email address used to book the class) to find your glazing coupon in the original confirmation sent to you.
Apply this at checkout to discount the class to $0, as it is included in your original booking price.

For all our 4 and 6 week course attendees, anything over 5 pieces will need to be glazed over 2 sessions.

NOTE: We make all glazes in studio, and the colours available on the day are the only colours you will have access to. All of our glazes are food safe, meaning we do not have all colours of the rainbow.

As with all our classes – Your pieces are not guaranteed to survive the firing process. Pottery is a tedious hobby and many things can go wrong. BUT they can also go very right if you listen to our teachers and follow the steps provided to you.

*We do not guarantee your piece will come out exactly the colour you choose or exactly as you expect. Many variations appear in the kiln. Glaze is glass, and glass changes form multiple times during firing, which sometimes results in a multitude of different results.
No refunds are given for glazing pieces that turn out different to what you expect.
This is part of the fun and mystery that is pottery. 

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How It Works

First you will need to book into one of our Hand Building, Clay & Wine or Wheel Throwing classes to create your masterpiece!

We will then place your work in the kiln for its first round of firing ready for you to come back and glaze two weeks later. Your firing cost is included in your class.

Once your work has been through the kiln, it’s now ready for you to glaze it. Book into one of the glazing sessions and come give your work some colour!

Your work goes back into the kiln for a second firing in order to melt the glaze. This firing takes us up to 2 weeks and the costs are included in your class.

After two weeks, your work is ready to be collected! Come in within 2 months to collect your work. We can’t keep too long so after two months we will donate it.



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Shed 4/20 Brookes Street, Nambour 4560
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