Your pottery items are ready to be glazed 2 weeks (14 days) after your first session. We keep all unglazed items for 2 months, so you have 8 weeks to come back and glaze your items.

All work left behind after our 2-month hold period is donated back to our local community of artists, daycare centres, kindys or schools to be recycled into art projects like paint-a-pot and to make room for the new work coming through from more recent classes. Can't come back to glaze within 2 months of your first class? No worries, just come and collect your pieces and bring them back with you when you have time.

We have a public firing service that we offer to the general public, but if you have never done pottery before, we would recommend taking a class first, as lots of things can go wrong in the kiln if you don’t make your pieces properly. If you’d like to fire with us, please contact us via the website, Instagram or Facebook, so we can check that your clay suits our specifications and let you know how to drop of your pieces!

Our opening hours for collection of work is Saturday and Sunday 10-4PM. We are not open during the week for general public, unless you are attending one of our long-term courses. 

Pottery is an incredible hobby, but of course, it comes with its risks. If your items break in the kiln, we offer a replacement from our donations table (not an exact replica of your piece), and we encourage all our students to build within their skill set to mitigate the risk of this occurring. We do not provide refunds for damaged work that occurs during firing. 

We always say, don’t judge your work until it's glazed and fired. A wobbly pot in a boutique store is always more expensive than a perfectly round pot you would find at Kmart.  Of course, we do have extras available for purchase that are made by our staff – they can be purchased on our website or during your glazing class, along with pieces from our donation table upstairs. 

You can reach us by email, phone, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. Please allow 24-72 hours for responses. We are a small team of humans who are often teaching at the studio, so we attend to all responses as soon as we can, and thank you for your patience! Standard office hours apply – if you are contacting outside of work hours please allow extra time for a response.